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NCIS Season 10 Episode 1 When Sookie told Lafayette that she’d told Alcide that they’d bumped off Debbie — whew! — the glamtastic fry cook was so pissed that he went all brujo spooky-headed again. This time, not only did he key his gal pal’s car with his bare hands — kids, don’t try that at home… or anywhere! — he also magically tampered with her accelerator and brakes, almost making her fairy road kill. The day ended pretty well for the clairvoyant, however: She went home, got plastered and made out with Alcide to thank him for lying to Debbie’s parents that Marcus was her killer. CHILD’S PLAY | Even when threatened with the true death, Nora refused to name names — that is, the names of her "fellow” Sanguinistas.

NCIS Season 10 Episode 1 But when Roman threatened her brother, then suddenly she was all [whisper, whisper]. It looked like, at the subsequent council meeting, the Guardian was going to stake Barb from CougarTown. (Would she have sprayed pinot noir?) In the end, though, it turned out to be the pint-sized Justin Bieber that Nora had accused. BACK TO THE FUTURE | Escorted by sleazoid Judge Clements to a netherworld disco, Andy was reunited with his fairy lover, Maurella, and Jason learned from his cousin, Hadley — once Queen Sophie-Anne’s girlfriend, now a waitress at this supernatural Studio 54 — that he and Sookie were orphaned by blood-suckers.

NCIS Season 10 Episode 1 Oh, and there was also a pretty wicked dance routine — think Showgirls meets Cabaret — that you should for sure look up on YouTube. (How often does give you a musical number, after all?) RELATED | Casts a Terminator as Alcide’s Pa LOVE AND HUMAN REMAINS | Sam reconnected with his old shifter support group buddies in one scene, and they were dead by the next. (Mayhaps Martha and the pack haven’t really let him off the hook for Marcus’ demise?) Bill and Eric got an eyeful of Sookie’s aforementioned make-out session with Alcide when they showed up at her place to question her about Russell’s unearthing. And, en NCIS Season 10 Episode 1 route to Eller’s bunker in South Dakota with Patrick, Terry suffered another flashback to Iraq, t

This one revealing just how violent and disturbed the suspected arsonist was. (And, judging from the welcome they receive from him at gunpoint, apparently still is.)


Lindsey’s Take: We (the superfans) have been waiting a year to do bad things with you, cast of . Or, at least, for you to do bad things to each other, and already, there’s an edge to this season that was lacking last year. The ridiculousness that was Russell Edgington is gone, although his spine-tingling actions still live on – we live in a post Russell Edgington world, Nan Flanagan NCIS Season 10 Episode 1 tells her vampire cohorts. And it’s a great place to be.


The season opener picks up right where season three left off – Sookie traveling to fairyland. Here it’s all light and music and bad Shakespearean costumes. Every fairy has a fairy godmother, a term which, apparently, is non-gender specific. Barry, the loose end bellhop from season 2, is there with his linen-clad broad-chested man of a fairy godmother, and so is Sookie’s granddaddy, Earl. Sookie, used to sketchy situations, immediately mistrusts the glimmering fae and their glowing fruit. And, of course, she’s right. The fairies in actuality are hideous creatures who want to close the opening NCIS Season 10 Episode 1 between the fairy world and Earth. They try to prevent Sookie from leaving, but luckily members of the fairy resistance, those who want to keep the portal open, help her and her grandfather escape.



But what was only a few minutes in fairyland was a year in Bon Temps, which is a really smart move on the part of the writers. The season starts with a clean slate and each character has had a chance to evolve away from the eyes of the audience. Bill got an upgrade (and a haircut) and is now the King of Louisiana, living like a James Bond villain. Tara, on the other hand, has run away from Bon Temps and has a new life as "Toni”, a mixed martial arts fighter who digs chicks. I wonder if that’s a true character choice or an excuse to have NCIS Season 10 Episode 1  lesbian sex on the show…


While Tara again gets the short end of the plot-stick, the best secondary story lines belong to domesticity. Hoyt and Jess struggle to make their life together work – dinner is an issue at their house – and Arlene worries that her adorable infant son Mikey, who apparently decapitates Barbie dolls, might grow up to be a serial killer.


But Mikey isn’t the villain of this season. That honor goes to the fantastic Fiona Shaw as NCIS Season 10 Episode 1 Marnie, the head of a coven of witches that Lafayette and Jesus are drawn into. Formerly the witch-hating muggle Petunia Dursley, Shaw embraces her role in a way that only someone who has been denied Hogwarts can. I’m pumped to see what’s in store for her this season. It seems like the sassy and "sessy” Lafayette is her magical muse, which can only mean bad things for the flamboyant fry-cook.


Eli’s Take: I’ll admit it. After season three of ended, I promised myself I was done. I had been a huge fan of the first two seasons, watching sometimes four episodes a day (I was a little late to the game and had to catch up by watching the dvds), but when Sookie rescinded Bill’s invitation for what seemed like the one hundredth time, I just wanted so badly to quit. Yet, tonight, at 8:55, NCIS Season 10 Episode 1  I found myself sitting in front of the TV, ready to delve once again into the world of Bon Temps. Oh, how the passage of time dulls one’s memory.


Actually, though, it wasn’t terrible, and inspired in me a lot of confidence. Could season four be a return to form for the show? Well, if you’ve just seen the first fifteen minutes, you’d probably think not. Sookie, in her best Iron Man impersonation, blasts a huge beam of magic into Mab, the head of Fairyland (yeah, not its real name) , At that point, its as if the creative control was turned over to the SyFy channel, complete with dated special effects and, yes, even lasers. My hopes sank just about as low as they could go; the rest of NCIS Season 10 Episode 1 the episode was not going to be pretty.


I was wrong, though. The writers, I think, knew they weren’t in a good place when they ended the last season, so they’ve written themselves out of a very uncomfortable corner by having Sookie’s sojourn into the realm of fairies last a year. A lot has changed. Jason, once bumbling and inept, is now a police officer, and, from the looks of things so far, a pretty good one. Sheriff Andy, on the other hand, has been transformed into a manic, unreliable and unpredictable officer by his addiction to  NCIS Season 10 Episode 1  V.

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